Guided Meditation Series

Our mission is to impact immediate and powerful change in our clients lives. 
The guided meditations that we create are designed specifically to help you achieve your best and highest state in life – Fast.

Featured Meditations

3-in-1 Impact Meditation

Communicate, Have Patience, & Manage Time.

This session gets to the heart of what we all want ; To see and feel change – NOW.  

BONUS SESSION: Pleasant Vs. Unpleasant 


Super Power Package

Have Confidence, Focus, and Energy

Looking for some Super Powers?

This package includes five powerful guided meditations that will bring immediate changes to your life.

Boost Your Brainwaves – Build Confidence – Focus Attention – Achieve Your Goals – Bring Energy and Alertness to Your Mind

BONUS SESSION: Motivation When You Are Unmotivated

$ 69.99

Why Meditate?

Because… to get where you want to go,  You need all of the below:

Why Meditate?

Because… to get where you want to go,  You need all of the below:

Targeted Meditation Packages

Targeted meditations focus on key areas of opportunity in a calm, controlled, yet powerful manner.  With consistent practice,  improvements are immediately evident

Body Appreciation Package

Three guided meditations to ground, calm, and bring awareness to the entire body.

BONUS: Body Scan Meditation  


Pain Management Package

Focused guidance to work through management of chronic pain and the emotional and psychological heaviness that comes with it.


Stress Be Gone Kit

Settle your mind and alleviate stress. Breathe away anxious thoughts and resolve internal conflicts with this series of focused meditations.

About me

Hi, I'm Ally Ferreira

I will guide you through meditation sessions that are selected specifically to achieve your goals in the shortest order possible.  Dedicate a few minute each day to tap into the energy that you need to ignite your Super Powers!

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