Courage and Compassion
Courage and Compassion

Common sense coaching for teens, young adults and their parents

transform Your communication and regain your Relationship

Is your relationship at stake?

If you answered "No" to any of these questions, Courage and Compassion can Help. Our focus is your Child... their passion and Their goals.

What's in it for you?

Immediate Stress Relief

You and your child will feel sweet relief as soon as we begin to dive into what's causing distance or strife.

Answers to hard hitting questions will tell us what your child feels, and needs AND what YOU feel and need.

(It sounds tough - but we make it fun!)

Know You're
Doing Your Best

As parents, when up against
something as important
as our child's life,
the best thing we can do is ask for help...
And you are!
You should feel proud! You are providing your child with a personalized program consisting of coaching and courses designed to improve their Clarity, Confidence, Calm, Communication, and provide other invaluable life skills.

(And they're gonna love it!)

Peace of Mind

(This is what it's all about)
Courage and Compassion move swiftly to provide common sense guidance to your child which will instill clarity and calm in their thought process. This simplicity will improve the communication between you.

Once an honest and humble connection is established, Peace of Mind settles in...
For Everyone.

(Take A Breath)

Knowledge doesn't change lives
Action changes lives


Teenagers and young adults need to begin thinking about life differently,  right now. Time is of the essence. Every decision matters and your child has to make them with a clear head, knowing that they have someone they can talk to and some solid guidance. If you guys can’t accomplish that together at this point in time, you guys need a coach – and fast.

A combination of hard-hitting truth and compassionate guidance is what is required to get people’s attention. I provide innovative and progressive coaching, workshops  and courses arming your child with the tools to become clear, self-directed, courageous and motivated. 

The secret to my coaching style is raw, open honesty and ‘speed to implementation’.  I guide my clients to the action they desire  with a true sense of purpose and urgency. Every question, every session, and every assignment leads my client to to taking well thought out action in their life. 

Life Coaching that arms teenagers and young adults with Confidence, Motivation and Self-Direction.

What's the Game Plan?

The First Session

Courage and Compassion Clarity sessions are fast moving,
fun and constructive.
I will establish a level of comfort and trust with your child in this very first session by setting ground rules and making a plan.
I will assign action exercises for them to complete that are, specific to our conversation in the session.

This is the session where your child decides that raw, honest adult conversation is the only way to grow.
Schedule now...
You have everything to gain!


Courage and Compassion deliver a personalized program that results in effective break-throughs.
Your child's confidence
becomes the driving force of their Motivation and Self-Direction.

Life starts falling in line with their goals.
Logical thinking and responsibility of self set in to replace the drama and distractions that have fallen away.

Break Free

You child has assumed responsibility for their decisions and are able to assess their goals independently. Your child maturely collaborates with you to plan their future.

You are freed from the prison of pointless arguments and the bondage of not hearing each other...

NOW, you and your child are free to enjoy this amazing relationship where you are one united team.

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